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Candace Scott Esq. LLC is dedicated exclusively to the practice of family law.

“Candace was very responsive–always took my calls or returned them quickly. When going through a divorce you often need to deal with therapists, investigators, real estate agents, and everyone in between. She knows them all and helps you find the right resources for your particular case.”

Candace Scott Esq. LLC

Let our professional team help you navigate through divorce and other challenges of family law.

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A Focus on Family Law Since 1976

We recognize that divorce, economic uncertainties, custody, domestic violence, and related issues can present families with unsettling challenges. Our experienced legal team will assist you through this difficult time with skill, commitment, and understanding. We devote ourselves to maximizing results and minimizing the anxiety that is often present when families are in conflict.

Accessible, Focused, Responsive

Candace R. Scott, LLC offers the benefits of a small firm. We take the time to understand your unique needs. We’ll help you define your goals and develop a realistic strategy for accomplishing them, while keeping the best interests of the family foremost. You will receive personal and prompt attention from the attorney working directly on your case.

A Customized Strategy for the Best Resolution

We utilize traditional litigation resolution to conflict that is in the best long-term interests of the family. We utilize traditional litigation as well as mediation, arbitration, and collaborative law to address the many aspects of family disputes. Our interdisciplinary approach includes mental health professionals, forensic accountants, tax specialists, bankruptcy, elder law, criminal, and estate counsel, as well as real estate experts, financial advisors, and other professionals where appropriate.

Our many referrals from colleagues, clients, financial and mental health experts, opposing litigants, and adversaries attest to our reputation in the professional community for successfully resolving complex and emotionally-charged cases.

While offering the personal and responsive attention of a small firm, we collaborate with a wide network of resources to assure the best possible outcome for your specific circumstances.