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08.03.2017  |

The Communication Destressor

The Our Family Wizard online and mobile communication website is among the most trusted tools in the family lawyer’s custody and parenting arsenal. The program uniquely facilitates parent communication in high conflict cases. It provides a neutral space to help manage the challenges of shared parenting and coordinates schedules by using color-coded online calendars, email/text messaging, family message boards and provides for online electronic payments of approved expenses.

Parent Communication in High Conflict Cases

The Message board sends, receives and maintains private messages; virtually eliminating miscommunication by verifying when the messages are sent, received and opened.

The Calendar sets up parenting times/plans in advance, identifies shared activities, vacation and holiday times in addition to scheduled appointments/activities. Parenting responsibilities can be swapped and documented, so there is no confusion. It provides a clear window of accountability.

Significantly, scheduling information can be shared with the children without involving them as messengers.

The program eliminates miscommunication because it maintains accurate records which cannot be erased or modified. Effectively, it eliminates the “I said, you said” often characteristic of high conflict cases. This provides invaluable information to the family law practitioner or mental professional, who are invited by a parent to participate in the Program free of charge.

Among my favorite features is the tonemeter; yes, the tonemeter. This is an algorithmic system, to pinpoint emotional words with spell check before emails/texts are sent. Messaging can be up to 5,000 characters.

The cost of a one-year subscription for both parents is less than an hour of legal time! The program is widely used and ordered by family law judges. So, what do you have to lose?

Candace R. Scott,  LLC
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